Pre-Op Instructions

woman in dental chair preparing for dental procedure

Pre-Operative Anesthesia and Surgical Instructions

  • DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING 6-8 hours prior to surgery.
  • If you are taking any blood thinners (aspirin, coumadin, etc.) please make sure that your doctor has reviewed this with you.
  • Take any regular medications (high blood pressure, antibiotics, etc.) using only a small sip of water unless otherwise instructed.
  • Someone must accompany you on your surgery date and drive you home after your surgery.
  • Minors (under the age of 18) must have a parent or legal guardian present. If parents are unavailable, arrangements must be made to sign consent forms ahead of time.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing with short sleeves.
  • We advise you to wear glasses and not contacts on the day of your surgery.
  • We encourage you to not wear make-up and to remove nail polish.
  • Please remove all facial and oral piercings prior to your surgery. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this please contact our office prior to surgery.
  • Should you develop a cold, sore throat, or flu-like symptoms, please contact our office.
  • If there is anything that you feel your doctor should know prior to surgery, please contact our office.