The New York Center for Orthognathic & Maxillofacial Surgery, NY. Dr. Stephen Sachs, Dr. Michael Schwartz, Dr. Stephanie Drew & Dr. Jay Neugarten


Case Study 1: Mandibular Prognathism

Chief Complaint

A sixteen year old female was referred to NYCOMS for the correction of mandibular prognathism. Her past medical history was negative. She had suffered from frequent temporal headaches.

Regional Examination

Clinical examination demonstrated the following problems:

  1. Assymetric Mandibular Prognathism
  2. Maxillary Hypoplasia
  3. Compensated Class III Dental Occlusion.



Cephalometric Evaluation

PA and Lateral Cephalometry confirmed the clinical diagnosis. A wrist radiograph as well as clinical assessment demonstrated completion of growth.

Treatment Plan

After consultation with the patientís dentist and orthodontist the following treatment plan was developed:

1. Pre-surgical orthodontics to align, level, and decompensate the dental arches.

2. Le Fort I Osteotomy to advance the upper jaw. 

3. Sagittal Split Osteotomy with rigid fixation bone plate in place.


The patient subsequently underwent the planned correction with marked improvement in her facial aesthetics and jaw function.


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